Winning with our LUND 1650 Rebel XS!

We just won the 2017 French National Championship.

Father and son, when a dream comes true, what more should we hope?

What does the French championship consist in?

The Pro-Elite championship is based on a series of 6 national tournaments over a variety of lakes and rivers of France where the top 20 French fishers are competing against each other’s. Each tournament consists in 2 days fishing and rewards the cumulated length of the 6 longest fishes among Pikes, Zanders, Perch, Bass and Silurus in a Catch and Release mode.

(In parallel, there is also a Challenger championship by regions to select the teams that will move up to the Pro-Elite section).



What was our background?

2017 was our 5th year of competition and 2nd year in the Pro-Elite section.

At the early stage, it had not been so easy all days as we started alone from crash. Father and son, we learned together, practicing, viewing videos and reading magazines and we were primary fishing pikes on home lakes or seabass during summer time.

Year after year we discovered new biotopes, measuring our lacks and started to complement and adapt to new fishing technics like power fishing or vertical with more or less success. Our main challenge was regularity as we often had a good and bad day over a weekend of competition.

In 2015 we won the regional South-Est Championship. At that time, it was still combining the Pro-Elite and Challenger sections.

This year 2017 it seems we finally managed to get that minimum regularity and ability to leverage various technics even if we are still conscious that there is quite room for improvement.

What are the highlights of this year?

On the lake of “Monteynard” in the South-Est, weather conditions were very windy the whole weekend and that was our first time with the LUND boat that proved to be very stable and able to navigate efficiently through the waves. We made the difference and reached the Podium with a quota of zanders and improved the quota with few Pikes.

On the river of “Lot” in the South-West, we had to bring and store a lot of equipment on the boat to fish the diversity of species. We really missed our fishing strategy and that had been a very painful experience for our team. Now we can say, that it was a strong learning experience that successfully improved our strategies for the rest of our year.

On the river of “Saone” in the North-Est, we reached the Podium with a quota of Perch.  We enjoyed the agility of our boat to fish the weeds with the trolling motor.

On the lake of SE de Cantales in the South-West, we finally won the Championship and made the difference on Pikes fishing.  The speed of our boat helped us moving quickly across the various spots on the lake.

What about the boat ?

This was the first year with LUND as we acquired our boat in June 2017 that is the 1650 Rebel XS with a Mercury 100 HP.

Over the good quality aspects, we had selected that boat as we thought it was the best compromise between speed and agility to help us compete over the diversity of French biotopes.

Speed was important to navigate through big French lakes and reach fishing spots fastly. Obviously the Deep V profile of the IPS hull was a key factor to safely navigate through the waves.

Agility was required to fish the banks in Power fishing mode but also in Vertical mode with the trolling motor in windy conditions. The adequate size of the boat provided that agility while leaving enough space to fish comfortably and store equipment.

The last criteria was the reasonable width and weight of the boat on the trailer, making it easy to park at home or drive on the road to reach the different remote fishing places with our car.

After 6 months usage, we are more than convinced we made the right decision and still so happy each time we jump on our LUND to start a new fishing session.

We are even more happy thinking that we are now champions with this boat !