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In 2006 Lund Boats Europe has been founded in the Netherlands. The office is settled down in the place Baak. 2006 was a year that we manly focused on the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) market. It seems like a small part of Europe but nothing less, Netherlands only is almost 20% surrounded with water and many anglers all over Europe spending allot of time on our waters.

In the first years we had a solid sales and we see the market growing. The interest for fishing boats where growing fast and Lund Boats made his name through these years.
We could keep it up because the quality of Lund Boats ran far ahead of its competitors. Lund uses outstanding technology and keeps innovating in hull, special storage compartments and the SportTrak Gunnel system made a giant step forward compared to the other brand. For that reason people choose Lund Fishing Boats.

SportTrak Accessory SportTrak Travel Cover


Due to the grow of Fishing Tournaments in Europe we seen the request for bigger Lund Boats. The tournaments now days are not only targeting the zanders in fact multispecies fishing tournaments are way more popular than before. Due to those multispecies fishing tournaments we seen a change in style of Fishing and a change in Fishing Boat Types.
Compared to other brand has Lund Boats a wide selection of models for example Tiller, Singe Console or Sport Console models can be found in every length class.


After a couple of years we had many requests outside the Benelux what wasn’t a big surprise.
We went out for the challenge to deliver all the boats by our self and we managed it to do this all by our own but, we felt that this could be better and faster.
In the last few years we found Dealers that can provide the same Quality, Durability and Continuity to there customers. With these key points we deliver now true whole Europe an outstanding quality of fishing boats.

As an result we see allot of happy faces on the water and we can provide them days they never forget.

Lund Boats is always innovating and being on the lead in the Fishing Boat industry.
Good is not good enough.

Lund Fishing Boats Factory


Lund Boats is a well known brand trough the years, they stand for quality and durability. With more then 70 years of experience and expertise strives Lund Boats for perfection. Lund Boats Europe is the distributor of the brand in Europe. With serveral dealers spreaded all over Europe are we working for service, quality and continuity.

Withing the following stepes we like to give you a small idea how these fishing machines are getting build.

The Lund Boats CNC cutting process


Lund Boats uses 5052 H 34 Aluminum, the most durable in the industry. It offers the perfect balance between strength, weight, hardness and flexibility.
With the highest quality of  Aluminum we can give you the guarantee that you have a high end quality fishing boat.

Lund fiberglass boats are well known cause of there amazing performance


Lund Boats are well know by there aluminum fishing boats. Nothing less they produce also Fiberglass boats.
Precision molds developed by Lund Boats give the Fiberglass fishing boats true straightness within the composite fiberglass structure, providing durability and consistency in performance.
With the years of knowledge and innovation in the Aluminum fishing boats Lund Boats putted all there knowledge into there fiberglass fishing boats.
As result you get a High end fishing boat that can be used also for the salty lakes and sea’s. Isn’t it the perfect boat for sea bass fishing?
You can check here the CE certified, Lund Pro-V GL & Lund Tyee GL

fit & finish process in the Lund Boats Factory


The high Quality finish makes people dreams come true. At Lund Boats are we working every time to make it a perfect Fishing Boat.
We love to see that there is thought about every single detail.
From our automotive paint finishes to our carpet installation, you can rest assured your Lund Fishing Boat will turn heads season after season.


Lund Boats strategically injects closed-cell foam (formulated to handle marine conditions) into all our boats. Coast Guard mandates that all boats up to 20 feet be able to maintain equal and level flotation; however, Lund Boats elects to use this process on all Lund boats even those over 20 feet and not mandated by the Coast Guard. Some boat companies do enough, but Lund believes in doing more. When it comes to safety, just “good enough” never is.
With this Safety program of Lund Boats are we able to provide the maximum safety on the water. You can hit every circumstance and it doesn’t infect your day fishing.


Innovating in storage compartments and boat layouts.

You can always use more storage on the water. At Lund Boats, we’re dedicated to providing innovative storage compartments. From rod-lockers to gunnel storage, we’ve got you covered.
With the SportTrak Gunnel makes your fishing boat even more comfortable. You can place every accessory in the boat wherever you want. Another amazing feature of Lund Boats.


Lund Best Boating's warranty


Lund Boats lifetime warranty gives you the best overall coverage ever available on hull material and workmanship. And it’s transferable.
You can get always the right information and documentation at your closest dealer

Warranties include:

  • Lifetime warranty on double-riveted seams.
  • Lifetime warranty on all plywood panels, related materials and labor.
  • 3-year 100% bow-to-stern Parts and Labor coverage (ask your dealer for details)
  • Transferrable

Some exclusions apply.

Excellent resale on secondhand Lund Boats


It’s not uncommon to own a Lund Boat for long time and get your original cost back on resale.
Dealers love to see second hand Lund Boats because they know they’ll be selling them off the floor in no time. The boat keeps his value true the years because it is a high quality product.
If you have questions about used Lund Boats or have any interests in a used Boat please take a look at our second hand Lund Boats and get in contact with your closest dealer.

Lund Boats Europe want to provide you the best information and customize a boat that fits your style of fishing.
We know there is a boat for you feel free to let us know your suggestions and toughs, cause we know what you want and that is how you get The Ultimate Fishing Experience.

The dealers are there to find the best fishing boat solution there is.
The technology in the fishing industry is going  fast and that’s why we always say to keep an eye on our website.
We keep coming with news from Lund Boats USA, Lund Boats Europe and Our Lund Boats European Dealers.