Lund Boats Footrpint

Lund Boats Footprint

Reverse Chine

The Reverse Chine of Lund Fishing boats is made to give you more stability, drier ride and quicker to plane. The Lund Boats wide footprint combined with its large reverse chine is what makes a Lund Boat the ultimate fishing boat. Netting a fish, pulling up to a dock, boarding the boat, rough water stablilty is all easier in a Lund.

The drifting of a boat is getting affected if the boat is tilt over to one side. In this case the wind will have more effect on the boat and pushes you away from the hot spot. With Lund Boats ingenious design solves this problem. The right footprint, reverse chine, proper position of the battery’s and fuel tank you get as result the best drift characteristics there is. With the ingenious footprint design has Lund Boats the most stable boat there is on the market. It brings allot of comfort in your fishing boat compared to other brands.