The hull is one of the most important key for outstanding performance and stability. Lund fishing boats Hulls are designed to perform. No matter what condition you have the Lund IPS, IPSII and IPSIII system will do his work and make your ride unforgettable. Years of designing and testing proved that Lund Boats IPS system is doing his work.


Designed, engineered and tested to be the best. Lund Boats meticulous design and engineering has created boats delivering the perfect balance between performance, strength and durability. With the years of experience Lund created a IPS, IPSII and IPSIII system. A system that is used on every Lund Fishing boat. This exclusive system gives an amazing performance to the boat. It gives you the control to the machine and the boat does what you want to do. You are in control! The IPS System create also allot of stability this all has to do with his large reverse chine and a bigger footprint then regular fishing boats.

Lund’s exclusive IPS, IPS2, and IPS3 technology provides unmatched control and a smoother, drier ride. This top feature of Lund is made true the years of experience and is applied to all boats.


What really sets Lund Boats apart is our build process. Lund uses 5052 H 34 Aluminum. Built to perform in all conditions, flexibility, strength and durability comes only if you work with the best materials there are on the market.


Lund Boats made a innovating difference by using stress-point analysis, Lund engineers have pinpointed where a Lund hull undergoes the most pressure. We use that information to integrate an innovative double plated bow system that strengthens the hull where you need it, not where you don’t need it. Lund Boat double plates most of the models, making it one of the most efficient, best built and heaviest hulls in the fishing boat industry.


Lund’s pronounced center keel keeps your boat tracking true the waters no matter what condition, and helps the boat react instantly to subtle steering movements, giving you the ability to maneuver with precision at any speed.
Control is safety and that’s where we stand for.


The flat pad in the center of the hull delivers clean water to the motor and gives maximum lift, reducing drag without sacrificing stability, for a greater top speed. Finding balance between maximum performance and stability is where engineering comes together with years of experience. Lund Boats has it all.


The reverse chines on a Lund IPS hulls provides: superior boat control while trolling forward or backward; acceleration and lift for quicker hole shots; adds stability when walking from side to side; stabilizes the hull and flatten turns, which channels spray down and away for a drier ride. This gives the boat more grip in corners and you can react directly to every circumstance.