New lund boat models

The new  2018 Lund Boat models are now available to order at your local dealers.
There are some small changes in the Lund Boat models. The Lund Impact XS range is extended and is now also available as a 16 ‘and 17’foot.
The old Lund 1850 Impact XS is redesigned and is transformed now in to the new Lund 1875 Impact XS.
This Impact XS Serie is the perfect fish and family boat.

The Lund Impact SS and Sport serie is now also redesigned especially the Lund 1675 Impact has a bit more length and slightly less wide.
This result in even better performance then before.

Underneath you find a small list and some photo’s of the new upcoming and changed Lund Boat Models.

Any questions about the newest models? just feel free to contact your  local dealer.

Lund Boat Models Changed for 2018.

New Lund Boat Models

Impact XS Serie

Fiberglass Series

The new Lund 189 GL Fiberglass series are now available for the European market. The Lund 189 Pro V GL is designed for the best fishability and the Lund 189 Tyee GL is the Sport / Family / Fishing Boat.
Both boats have an amazing performance and built for rough waters. These boats are a perfect match for the Sea bass anglers out there. You can hit the salt water without problems and have maximum comfort in rough circumstances.

Get a closer look at these amazing Lund boats.